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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc7/8: Another resume regression
Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> On Monday, 7 of April 2008, Mark Lord wrote:
>> Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
>>> On Saturday, 5 of April 2008, Mark Lord wrote:
>>>> Mark Lord wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Okay, USB now works fine on resume after fixing the iaa_watchdog issue.
>>>>> But twice now, once before that fix, and again just a minute ago,
>>>>> my machine has failed completely to resume after suspend-to-RAM.
>>>>> Again, resume here is 100% reliable in 2.6.24 and earlier.
>>>>> Symptoms: the usual:
>>>>> -- 2.6.25-rc8 (and -rc7 earlier), plus USB fix.
>>>>> -- not reproduceable on demand.
>>>>> -- black screen of death -- no backlight, no kernel messages.
>>>>> -- no hard drive activity.
>>>>> -- no alt-sysrq-anything.
>>>>> -- 5 second hold of the power button to poweroff and then recover.
>>>>> Not much info to go on, but it's worth knowing there's an issue here
>>>>> somewhere.
>>>> ..
>>>> Mmmm... Now that 2.6.25-rc* is usable here, there's another symptom
>>>> that's been happening regularly enough that it's got to be a regression
>>>> of some sort.
>>>> This machine has an ATI X1400 video card, which doesn't work with any
>>>> open source X server that I know of. Maybe latest RadeonHD would work
>>>> but it didn't when I tried it in January.
>>>> So I'm using the ATI binary fglrx X server, but without their kernel module,
>>>> so no 3D acceleration (fine.. only affects Google Earth, really).
>>>> Now.. on 2.6.25, after a suspend/resume cycle (or three), the framebuffer
>>>> frequently starts going wonky. "snowy" pixels appear, and stay.
>>>> Just a moment ago here, the entire background changed to zebra stripes.
>>>> And so on.. Peculiar stuff.
>>>> I'm wondering if something to do with video mode switching,
>>>> or video register save/restore, has changed since 2.6.24.
>>>> Because it's broken in 2.6.25, yet works fine in all earlier kernels.
>>> Yes, that's probably related.
>>> However, I'm unable to reproduce the breakage. If you can do that, it would
>>> probably help a lot if you identified the commit causing that to happen.
>> ..
>> Well, it would help then if you identified the commits which hacked
>> at the video mode switching. Then I can revert those and see what happens.
>> There's probably not many commits there, and since it doesn't do it consistently
>> (and sometimes the machine just doesn't resume at all with 2.6.25),
>> it is tricky to bisect.
>> Works perfectly in 2.6.24, though, which is what I'm now running again.
> I guess this is related to .
> I have no idea what can cause that to happen. It apparently is not related to
> CONFIG_DRM (that actually may help if you have an Intel graphics adapter),
> so it looks like an ACPI issue.

Something's weird there. I poked at my suspend/resume script again this morning,
and discovered that it did have some vbetool hacks to deal with textmode on earlier

So I wrapped those vbetool hacks with some logic to prevent them on 2.6.25,
and for now suspend/resume seem to be working with good video on -rc8.
It'll take a bit longer to know for sure, but by the end of today we'll see.


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