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SubjectRe: [RFC][-mm] [0/2] Basic stats for cgroups V2
On Tuesday 08 April 2008 01:06:17 pm Paul Menage wrote:
> One of the important API choices would be whether the stats API was
> fixed in header files shared with userspace, or whether it would be
> possible for stats to be added and dynamically discovered/used by
> userspace without needing fixed header file descriptions.
The second idea is much better, I feel.

> The difference would be a bit like the old sysctl API (where each
> sysctl entry had to be enumerated in a header file) versus the newer
> /proc/sys approach where numerical values aren't used and userspace
> can determine which entries are supported at runtime, and even access
> new previously-unknown entries.


> Thoughts?

Overall the idea looks good to me.

We are also looking at a generic framework in cgroups that would delegate the
job of handling statistics to the cgroup framework itself. This would avoid
code duplication across various controllers.

Balaji Rao

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