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Subjectinotify SIGIO documentation for inotify.7 man page
Hi Dmitry,

I don't think I got notification of the 2.6.25 API change to inotify from
you. Please CC me on API changes.

The following is my attempt to document the SIGIO feature that is new in
2.6.25. Does this look okay to you?

Since Linux 2.6.25, signal-driven I/O notification is
available for inotify file descriptors; see the discus-
sion of F_SETFL (for setting the O_ASYNC flag), F_SETOWN,
and F_SETSIG in fcntl(2). The siginfo_t structure
(described in sigaction(2)) that is passed to the signal
handler has the following fields set: si_fd is set to the
inotify file descriptor number; si_signo is set to the
signal number; si_code is set to POLL_IN; and POLLIN is
set in si_band.



Michael Kerrisk
Maintainer of the Linux man-pages project
Want to report a man-pages bug? Look here:

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