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SubjectRe: Blackfin STAMP537 compiling error in 2.6.25-rc8
On Mon, 07 Apr 2008 16:17:01 -0400
Jeff Garzik <> wrote:

> Since it was an arch patch to a driver I cannot build, I made the
> [mistaken] assumption that your sending it to me was an indication that
> it should actually be merged :) Especially with a subject like "fix
> build breakage", for a platform I cannot easily build...
> Are there any process tweaks that could be made here? Maybe -mm stuff
> sent to maintainers could be tagged, noting dependencies on other -mm
> patches that are not yet upstream?

Well. It really helps if submitters tell us that a patch fixes another
pending patch, and which one that is. Usually Ihave to ask if I can't work
it out.

But if a) we weren't told that and b) I have no reason to think it's not a
mainline problem and c) the patch applies to mainline and d) the patch
affects an architecture which I'm not cross-compiling for, it's going to
sneak through.

Fortunately, a && b && c && d doesn't happen at all often.

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