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SubjectRe: [rc8] Regression: key repeats and skips in music during compilation
On Monday 07 April 2008, you wrote:
> > Note that I can also reproduce the issue with a kernel that does *not*
> > have CONFIG_GROUP_SCHED set. I still get the music skips (maybe less
> > frequently, but that's hard to measure), and I've have also seen key
> > repeats once.
> >
> > Anything I can do to provide additional info on this?
> Could you try -rc5 !GROUP ?

Good call! Problem cannot be reproduced with -rc5 (without GROUP_SCHED set).
Music remains smooth during the compilation.

Do you have a particular change in mind or should I still provide the trace
info as suggested by Ingo? If so, I can probably do that tomorrow.


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