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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] x86: add cpus_scnprintf function v2
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Paul Jackson <> wrote:
>> I still have some concerns with this cpus_scnprintf patch.
>> I've taken them up with Mike offline for initial consideration.
>> If others have questions, concerns or enthusiasms for this patch, Mike
>> and I would be interested.
> i dont mind the old patch either (which did an ugly temporary
> allocation), if it keeps the ABI. I dont think it's a big deal, lets not
> allow it to become a roadblock, and the overall goal of all these
> patches [4096 CPU support in upstream Linux] is important and i'm
> enthusiastic about that ;-)
> Ingo

I have no stake in the ground for this either. My assigned task was to
minimize the effect of bumping up the possible cpu count to a really
large amount. This seemed to me to fall in this category. A side goal
was to prepare for even larger cpu count systems.

An alternative that Paul had suggested was to introduce a new set of
file interfaces that produce the alternate format. This would not
break existing interfaces and allow a transition, though how many
post-processors of the information would change is unclear. Given
that fact, would the added code and complexity be worthwhile?


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