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SubjectRe: [NFS] Increase size of struct fid raw buffer

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Steven Whitehouse wrote:
> GFS2 requires the NFS filehandle buffer to be larger than the
> minimum size as per the bug report:
> Its a pretty trivial fix for now and I've done a test which shows
> that it works ok.

I'm not seeing the point of this.

Every single instance of "struct fid" that I saw in a quick grep was
created not as a "struct fid", but as some other data structure that was
then cast to a "struct fid *".

So the _underlying_ size of "struct fid" seems to be pretty random, and
totally unrelated to this declaration.

But admittedly that really was just a quick grep, and maybe I missed
something. But it seems like this patch doesn't really change anything,
just largely makes a change in a structure that is apparently used as an
opaque pointer.

Is there anything that actually uses "struct fid" as an _allocation_

And if not, then that "_u32 raw[6]" should probably be a un-sized "_u32
raw[]" instead, no?


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