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Subject[patch 01/22 -v3] Print current swapcache page count in show_swap_cache_info()
Most show_mem() implementations calculate the amount of pages within
the swapcache every time. Move the output to a more appropriate place
and use the anyway available total_swapcache_pages variable.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Weiner <>

diff --git a/mm/swap_state.c b/mm/swap_state.c
index 50757ee..71cc0e1 100644
--- a/mm/swap_state.c
+++ b/mm/swap_state.c
@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@ static struct {

void show_swap_cache_info(void)
- printk("Swap cache: add %lu, delete %lu, find %lu/%lu\n",
+ printk("%lu pages in swap cache\n", total_swapcache_pages);
+ printk("Swap cache stats: add %lu, delete %lu, find %lu/%lu\n",
swap_cache_info.add_total, swap_cache_info.del_total,
swap_cache_info.find_success, swap_cache_info.find_total);
printk("Free swap = %lukB\n", nr_swap_pages << (PAGE_SHIFT - 10));

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