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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/1] Embedded Maintainer(s), list
David Woodhouse <> writes:

> Andrew Morton has been saying recently that we need an 'embedded
> maintainer', to take responsibility for 'embedded issues' in the core
> kernel, as well as trying to improve our relationship with those using
> the Linux kernel for 'embedded' devices -- who have a reputation of
> not working with us very closely; to their detriment as well as our
> own.

I hope your job description doesn't include adding more and more
CONFIGs though.

I am sure there are lots of low hanging fruit where memory can be
saved and it's a good thing someone cares about that, but please don't
focus on the code size only. Or if you work on that don't do it
using CONFIG or when you really add a new one find some other
that is pointless and remove it first.

There are simply already far too many of them and they make the
kernel harder and harder to change.


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