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Subject[PATCH 0/1] Embedded Maintainer(s), list
Andrew Morton has been saying recently that we need an 'embedded
maintainer', to take responsibility for 'embedded issues' in the core
kernel, as well as trying to improve our relationship with those using
the Linux kernel for 'embedded' devices -- who have a reputation of
not working with us very closely; to their detriment as well as our

Various people, including myself, have been doing that kind of thing
on and off over the years anyway, but Andrew is probably right that
it's worth having someone listed in the MAINTAINERS file who actually
considers it their responsibility, and as a point of contact for
people seeking advice, review, etc.

I've volunteered to take a more active rôle in this, and Wind River
has agreed to assign Paul Gortmaker to it, too. The following patch
adds both of us to the MAINTAINERS file.

We have also set up a mailing list,,
where development related to embedded stuff can happen in a slightly
less noisy environment than the main linux-kernel list. We'd like to
encourage anyone working on Linux in embedded devices to join the list.


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