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Subject2.6.25-rc7/8: Another resume regression

Okay, USB now works fine on resume after fixing the iaa_watchdog issue.

But twice now, once before that fix, and again just a minute ago,
my machine has failed completely to resume after suspend-to-RAM.

Again, resume here is 100% reliable in 2.6.24 and earlier.

Symptoms: the usual:

-- 2.6.25-rc8 (and -rc7 earlier), plus USB fix.
-- not reproduceable on demand.
-- black screen of death -- no backlight, no kernel messages.
-- no hard drive activity.
-- no alt-sysrq-anything.
-- 5 second hold of the power button to poweroff and then recover.

Not much info to go on, but it's worth knowing there's an issue here somewhere.


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