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SubjectRe: [TOMOYO #7 30/30] Hooks for SAKURA and TOMOYO.
On 4/9/2008 9:49 PM, Stephen Smalley wrote:
>> We cordially request LSM changes to pass vfsmount parameters.
> Don't cordially request it - submit patches to make it happen. Or work
> with others who have been submitting such patches.

You are (always) right. :)

> There are two options:
> 1) Submit patches to pass down the vfsmounts to the vfs helpers so that
> they can be passed to the existing security_inode hooks. -or-
> 2) Submit patches to add new security hooks to the callers where the
> vfsmount is already available (some have suggested moving the existing
> security_inode hooks to the callers, but that would cause problems for
> SELinux as I've posted elsewhere, so adding new hooks is preferable, and
> then SELinux can just default to the dummy functions for those new
> hooks).

Thank you for your suggestions. I drew a diagram. Is this correct?

Toshiharu Harada
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