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SubjectRe: [SCSI] fix media change events for polled devices
James Bottomley wrote:
> The current published API is the media_events file. HAL is using that
> to indicate support for AN. This is why we can't simply change it to 1
> wholesale because we'll confuse HAL (HAL still has to send polling
> events if AN isn't supported).
> So, the best fix for 2.6.25 at the current -rc6 is to keep the meaning
> of the media_change file the same (0 for no AN, 1 for AN) and let HAL
> take the polled events via udev, which basically means it's preserving
> the behaviour and isn't a regression.
> For 2.6.26 we can add a new media_events_polled (or some other name)
> file, fix the sysfs ro attribute and make them true writeable filters so
> some raving user can turn off polled events if they want and everyone
> will be happy.

So version 3 of the interface will be the first stable and usable one...
sigh :/

It's just disheartening that the userspace filtering stuff (including
interface) was disabled rather than fixed, given that that change came
first and arguably the follow-on change (285e9670) was an abuse of the
API that was never corrected -- which seems to be tacitly acknowledged
since everyone seems to agree more than one flag is needed.


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