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SubjectRe: UTF-8 and Alt key in the console
John T. wrote:
> OK, let's see if I can answer this.
> Vi has 32 years of ESC key use tradition which doesn't play
> well with "meta sends ESC".
> Even though "meta sets 8th bit" is "broken" in your point-of-view,
> that didn't stop it from being used all these years. The fact
> that it maps into real characters is not a problem if you can just
> use a CTRL-V equivalent in bash or vim.
> Furthermore, it is an _option_. No one is obliged to use it.
> So it's a question of:
> .. _forcing_ the end of "meta sets 8th bit"
> .. leaving things the way they are, and have them keep working,
> as xterm did.
> So guess we should fix xterm too?
> I think you're exagerating.

Hardly. vim clearly can deal with the ESC-is-prefix issue anyway, since
otherwise it wouldn't be able to use arrow keys.

That being said, quite frankly, *both* Meta key conventions are
incredibly broken.

What I would much prefer is to see would be a brand new convention where
different keys (Ctrl, Meta, Super, Hyper, Alt or even in some cases
Shift) issues a unique prefix which doesn't conflict with anything else.
Emacs has tried to promote such a convention of the format
<CAN> @ <bucky> <keystroke> which is a lot better, although it's a bit
Emacs-centric (using <CAN> / ^X as the initial character is not really a
very good choice.)

The best probably would be to introduce an escape code, along the lines
of other escape codes in the terminal interfae.


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