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SubjectRe: ultrastor.c is a bit-rot
Al Viro wrote:
> ... not that VLB didn't suck badly with several devices attached at the same
> time. I would be rather surprised if that board would work if fully populated
> with VLB cards, all in active use. IOW, a likely explanation is that it
> had a warning along the lines of "use of more than <number> of VLB cards
> at the same time may use instability" buried in documentation and proud
> "6 VLB slots!!!" touted by marketing...
> I can't find VLB specs online, but IIRC 3 had been the limit and anything
> past that had been very much out of spec and likely to screw you.

I think that particular board had multiple root drivers (it was a P5
board, so it wasn't a "local" bus anyway.)


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