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SubjectRe: [PROBLEM]: onda h600 express card don't work inside the elan u132 usb adapter
Hello Alan,

> > > I want to use it with elan u132, an usb external adapter for
> > > UMTS-HSDPA express cards. In a document found on the net and written
> > > by Tony Olech (the author and maintainer of the elan u132 linux driver
> > > in Elan Digital Systems), I read that the device (u132) must load 2
> > > modules: the ftdi-u132 when it is plugged in the usb port, and the
> > > u132-hcd, when it recognize an express card inside it.
> As far as I know, the u132-hcd driver isn't being maintained by anybody
> except the author Tony Olech -- and maybe not even by him.

thanks for your response. This means that the elan u132 device is no
more supported because the u132-hcd is not supported? If not, what is
the substitute for it, if any exists?


Marco Mangiante

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