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SubjectRe: [BUG]2.6.25-rc6:Unable to handle kernel paging request
Sudhir Kumar writes:

> > I suggest you turn off CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F.
> It was a new feature so I turned it on while compiling.
> I have tried by turning off CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F but the bug
> is still present.

Do you mean that you still saw a crash in f71805f_find? If so, then
you have some problem with the way you rebuilt the kernel, or you
didn't boot the kernel you thought you did, or possibly that
CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F is getting turned back on by a select statement
somewhere in some Kconfig file.

If you really turned CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F off then there would be no
f71805f_find function in the kernel.


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