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SubjectRe: [patch 2/9] Store max number of objects in the page struct.
Andrew Morton <> writes:

>> +#define USHRT_MAX ((u16)(~0U))
>> +#define SHRT_MAX ((s16)(USHRT_MAX>>1))
>> +#define SHRT_MIN (-SHRT_MAX - 1)
> We have UINT_MAX and ULONG_MAX and ULLONG_MAX. If these were actually
> UNT_MAX, ULNG_MAX and ULLNG_MAX then USHRT_MAX would make sense.
> But they aren't, so it doesn't ;)
> Please, let's call them USHORT_MAX, SHORT_MAX and SHORT_MIN.

SHRT_MIN, SHRT_MAX, and USHRT_MAX are the spellings used by
<limits.h> required in ISO-conforming C implementations. That
doesn't mean that the kernel has to use those spellings, but it
does mean that those names are widely understood by C
Ben Pfaff

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