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SubjectRe: [patch 2/4] x86: Fix build breakage when PCI is define and PARAVIRT is not
Ravikiran G Thirumalai wrote:
> Well, vSMPowered bits in the kernel serves two objectives:
> a) Internode cacheline size
> b) paravirt irq ops
> A vSMPowered machine can boot without either, but both affect performance.
> Both these bits are not interdependent. The paravirt ops
> need the PARAVIRT infrastructure and that is all that is needed.
> The internode cacheline size needs a compile time definition that's all.
> CONFIG_X86_VSMP chooses both. However, there is no reason to have paravirt
> irq ops depend on the Internode cacheline size. More so since pv ops
> has the capability to detect the system type dynamically and using
> appropriate pv ops.

So are you saying that X86_VSMP is just to select the internode
cacheline size, and is independent of the pvops side of things?

If so, I think it would be worth adding a separate config variable so
that you have the following:

VSMP (depends on PCI) - master selector for all vsmp-related code;
enables vsmp detection code
VSMP && PARAVIRT - installs paravirt irq ops on a vsmp system
VSMP_CACHELINE_SIZE (depends on VSMP) - selects internode cacheline size

that way vsmp_64.o can just depend on VSMP, and at the very least
contains the query code, and the other features are independently


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