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SubjectRe: [2/2] vmallocinfo: Add caller information

* Christoph Lameter <> wrote:

> > the best i found for lockdep was to include a fair number of them,
> > and to skip the top 3. struct vm_area that vmalloc uses isnt
> > space-critical, so 4-8 entries with a 3 skip would be quite ok. (but
> > can be more than that as well)
> STACKTRACE depends on STACKTRACE_SUPPORT which is not available on all
> arches? alpha blackfin ia64 etc are missing it?

one more reason for them to implement it.

> I thought there were also issues on x86 with optimizations leading to
> weird stacktraces?

at most there can be extra stack trace entries. This is for debugging,
so if someone wants exact stacktraces, FRAME_POINTERS will certainly
improve them.


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