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SubjectRe: [SCSI] fix media change events for polled devices
Linux Kernel Mailing List wrote:
> [SCSI] fix media change events for polled devices
> Commit:
> a341cd0f (SCSI: add asynchronous event notification API)
> breaks:
> 285e9670 (sr,sd: send media state change modification events)
> by introducing an event filter, which is removed here, to make
> events, we are depending on, happen again.

By simply reading the code history, it is trivial to verify that this
description is false:

Commit 285e9670 depends on a341cd0f, so by definition it is 285e9670 --
or rather the incomplete update of your original patch that resulted in
285e9670 -- that is broken.

Since commit 285e9670 is broken, you fixed the wrong thing.

Furthermore, you broke a userspace interface that was introduced by
a341cd0f, by removing the event filter controlled by userspace.

Did anyone bother to read any code at all?

When 285e9670 was updated for the scsi_evt_* interface, it should have
initialized the supported_events mask.

And that is the fix -- initialize supported_events according to sr/sd's
needs, and revert this change (4d1566ed2100d074ccc654e5cf2e44cdea3a01d0)
as obviously broken.


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