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SubjectRe: r-o bind in nfsd
> Nobody wants to send vfsmounts to the filesystem.  But vfs_...() are
> still part of the "upper layer", not the filesystem, so I'm not
> convinced yet. For example:
> -extern int vfs_mkdir(struct inode *, struct dentry *, int);
> +extern int vfs_mkdir(const struct path *, struct dentry *, int);
> There's one caller of vfs_mkdir that can't do this: cgroup_clone().
> But that can call cgroup_mkdir() instead.
> And having the vfsmount available within vfs_...() functions means,
> that the mnt_want_write() check can be moved inside, which means that
> callers get simpler and less likely to be buggy. Those are all
> advantages IMO, regardless of any security module issues.

Or we can introduce another set of exported functions (path_mkdir(),
...), and leave vfs_...() alone. And then the only question is if
LSM's can live with ordering change.


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