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SubjectRe: [2.6.25-rc5-mm1] BUG: spinlock bad magic early during boot

> > It's a pity, I had just nearly finished a new approach. Instead of
> > relying on populate_rootfs() and the filesystem infrastructure, the new
> > approach directly finds the file in the initramfs.
> So that avoids the VFS layer issues, but it's still strictly much worse
> than just having a run-time loading.
> What's the problem with just loading a new DSDT later? Potentially as in
> *much* later: including when user-space is all up-and-running?
> For things like DVD install images, you'd quite possibly want to have a
> few known-workaround DSDT images with the installer, and just say "ok, we
> want to fix up this ACPI crap in order to get working suspend/resume" kind
> of thing.
> So what's the reason for pushing for this insanely-early workaround in the
> first place, instead of letting user-space do something like
> cat my-dsdt-image > /proc/sys/acpi/DSDT
> or whatever at runtime?

You have interpretted code runing (AML), and you want to replace it
with different code?

Akin to changing from one kernel to different during runtime?

Yes, I guess it might work for very simple changes, but if you need to change
data structures between origina and modified DSDT, you are in for a
big trouble, right?
(cesky, pictures)

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