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SubjectRe: [patch 00/13] x86: PAT support updated - v3

* <> wrote:

> Follow up on earlier PAT patch series here:
> This patch series adds Page Attribute Table (PAT) support on x86.
> There have been few changes based on comments for earlier patches and
> also issues that was seen while the earlier patchset was in mm. The
> main changes include:
> * Unlike earlier patchset, there are no changes to identity mapping of
> reserved regions.
> * Unlike earlier patches, there are no chanegs to early ioremap.
> * We look at MTRR setting and PAT request and track the resultant type
> to avoid aliasing.
> * UC_MINUS in PAT to provide backward compatibility to /dem/mem mmap users.
> In general, we have tried to make patches more simpler and cleaner.
> Hope is to cause less disruption along the way. The changes/cleaups
> that went into x86/mm (specifically pageattr.c) has helped us along
> the way.
> The patchset is against x86 testing from couple of days back.

thanks Venki, i've queued this up so that we can see how well it goes.
It now looks a lot less dangerous and more compatible than it did before
- but i'm sure there'll be issues nevertheless :-/

> There are two issues that we are leaving out at the moment to make the patch
> simple. We will be addressing them with incremental patches soon:
> * FB/DRM drivers using pgprot_val and changing protection on their own
> without using any proper APIs like ioremap. There are few such usages and
> each one will be addressed separately.
> * To change attributes from WC to WB in a "perfect way", one has to follow
> certain sequence like make page non-present etc.

hm, until this is done correctly i guess we should disallow WC to WB
transitions? A good number of erratas apply i suspect :-/


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