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SubjectRe: [0/3] Improve generic fls64 for 64-bit machines

* Alexander van Heukelum <> wrote:

> This series of patches:
> [1/3] adds __fls.h to asm-generic
> [2/3] modifies asm-*/bitops.h for 64-bit archs to implement __fls
> [3/3] modifies asm-generic/fls64.h to make use of __fls
> I have compiled i386 and x86_64, and they generate the same code as
> before the change. The changes to the other archs are a best effort.
> Please comment.

i've applied #1 and #3 to x86.git/testing, to see how this works out on
x86. But it looks good to me in general.


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