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SubjectRe: [patch] x86, ptrace: support pebs in ds.c and disable ptrace and ds support

* Markus Metzger <> wrote:

> Polish the ds.h interface and add support for PEBS.
> Guard DS support and the ptrace interface to BTS by CONFIG macros;
> disabled per default.
> Ds.c is meant to be the resource allocator for per-thread and per-cpu
> BTS and PEBS recording.
> It is used by ptrace to provide execution tracing of debugged tasks.
> It will be used by utrace for the same purpose.
> It will be used by profilers (e.g. perfmon2).
> It may be used by kernel debuggers to provide a kernel execution trace.

we could apply this if Roland Acks it - but i guess a precondition for
that is to not include more ptrace extensions and to also start working
on utrace support for it. Ptrace is something we want to reduce usage
of, not extend.


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