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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Mark early_printk as asmlinkage

* H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:

>> I'd call asmlinkage kind of documentation, then. Not everyone is as
>> good with x86 abi as you are...
> Since it's already only used on x86-32 and we no longer support
> non-regparm x86, I'd like to at least get to the point where x86-32
> doesn't have any function. We can retain it for documentation's sake,
> but even then it's iffy... is "this is callable from assembly" really
> something arch-invariant.

the kernel still works if we disable regparm, and it makes sense to just
have a good list of all functions that are called from assembly. But
it's not just about non-regparm or documentation, we have regular
trouble with over-eager gcc optimizations that assume that all code is
generated by gcc ... Furthermore, code flow is easier to understand if
we know what is called from assembly and what not. So documenting all
these places makes sense to me and we've applied similar patches in the


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