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Subject[PATCH 0/3, v10] PCI, ACPI: Physical PCI slot objects
Hi Greg, Kenji-san,

This is v10 of my "introduce pci_slot" series, to be considered
for inclusion in linux-next to get more test exposure and shake
out the bugs.

* Greg KH <>:
> Can you work with Kenji to get his approval on this before I
> add this to the tree? It sounds like there are still some
> outstanding issues getting this to work properly on his
> hardware. It needs to work without relying on a module not
> being loaded, as the distros are never going to go for that
> kind of solution.

New in v10 is the addition of a DMI list to do the right thing on
Fujitsu hardware, and does not rely on "don't load the module" to
get the correct behavior.

Also, v10 should fix the "pci_slot module changes the sysfs name"
issue that Kenji-san was seeing.

* Kenji Kaneshige <>:
> Alex-san, could you send me the updated patches? I'll Ack the
> patch after adding Fujitsu firmware versions to the DMI list
> and testing it.

Thanks, I'd like to know if the naming issue is fixed for you as



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